The Day Of Atonement (Leviticus 16)


  1. Man has a problem: sin
    1. Since Adam (nature of men)
    2. Personally committed every day
    3. None righteous; no not one
    4. Righteous acts like filthy rags
  2. How does God make a people for himself who can approach in worship?
    1. Exodus and Leviticus answer
      1. Rescue from slavery
      2. Instructions for worship through priesthood / tabernacle
      3. Consecration of people through religious rites
    2. But sin must still be paid
      1. Wages of sin is death
      2. God is just    


Now: the Day of Atonement

Leviticus 23:26-32 gives a quick overview:Read More »

The First Four Trumpets (Revelation 8)


  1. Revelation
    1. Sometimes I feel like I’m in over my head
    2. There may be more than what I see
    3. The best I can do is look for Christ and his glory in the gospel
  2. We saw him in John’s vision of throne room
    1. Lamb who is worthy and breaks seals / brings devastation
    2. He sealed the 144,000 sealed / worshiped by the great multitude with seals 5-6


Now continue to see him in chapter eight with last seal…

  1. This seal introduces trumpets
  2. Going to cover large section for bird’s eye view
    1. Chapter 8-11 go together
    2. Chapter 8 = trumpets 1-4 (partial destruction of the land, sea, and air)
    3. Chapter 9 = trumpets 5-6 (locusts and a great army)
    4. Chapter 10 = another angel and another scroll
    5. Chapter 11 = two witnesses and trumpet 7
  3. Again, lots of description / symbolism
  4. Remember that John doesn’t necessarily go in order
    1. Overlapping loops
    2. New visions don’t necessarily mean new events / times
    3. But neither is each event exactly the same
  5. Whatever else, this is judgment through destruction
    1. It’s very similar to the exodus from Egypt
    2. Like the exodus, many events are natural disasters (not necessarily appearing supernatural)
    3. Like the exodus, the judgments progressively get worse
    4. Like the exodus, the gods and powers of the world are proved impotent
    5. Like the exodus, the wicked grow harder and refuse to repent
    6. And, like the exodus, God’s people are sealed and protected while the rest are judged
      1. All these judgments are a kept promise and validation
      2. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 27And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Lk. 21:25-28)
      3. Remember to view this as a blessing

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The First Six Seals Pt. 2 (Revelation 6-7)


  1. Revelation
  2. John’s vision of throne room
    1. Worship centered around throne
    2. One on throne holds scroll
    3. No one is worthy to break seals and bring judgment written on scroll
  3. But then he sees a slain Lamb who is worthy and breaks seals
    1. First four brought war, famine, and death
      1. A quarter of earth died
    2. Fifth seal showed martyred saints asking for justice
    3. Prayer answered with sixth seal
      1. Failure of sun, moon, stars
      2. Heaven rolled away
      3. Everyone from kings to slaves begged to be crushed and hidden
      4. This is the Day of the Lord


Now continue with chapter seven…

  1. Again, lots of description / symbolism, but goal is to see big picture / gospel
  2. Remember that John goes in loops
    1. Not necessarily linear
  3. Also remember chapter seven goes with chapter six
    1. Can’t get full meaning of one without the other
    2. Final seal is not broken until chapter eight

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The First Six Seals Pt. 1 (Revelation 6-7)


  1. Revelation
  2. John’s vision (Son of Man)
    1. Letters to churches
  3. Throne room…
    1. Slain Lamb takes scroll with seals


Now continue with breaking seals…

  1. We’ll couple chapters 6-7
    1. Can’t do both in one sitting
    2. But keep in mind that they’re related
      1. Six = breaking of first six seals, culminates in judgment at the request of martyred saints
      2. Seven = sealing 144,000 saints, innumerable throng worshiping
    3. Can’t get full meaning of one without the other
  2. Lots of description / symbolism here
    1. Reluctant to add meaning
    2. Prefer to be certain
  3. So, goal is not to find meaning in every detail / see map of last days events
    1. Instead, try to see big picture / gospel
    2. To do that we’ll want to understand the reaction of original hearers
      1. Feelings produced are timeless
      2. So are spiritual truths
  4. And, of course, we remember that a blessing is intended (1:3)
    1. These broken seals are judgment on the world
    2. But also deliverance of the saints
      1. Keep the Exodus from Egypt in mind
    3. At the center of everything is the Lamb
      1. He is on the throne
      2. Worthy to break the seals
      3. Strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies
      4. Prompts his own to worship
    4. Don’t be afraid…be blessed!

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Holy Like The Lord (Leviticus 11-26)


  1. Leviticus may be least read book
    1. But best New Testament commentary is Old Testament
    2. Already seen this with Genesis and Exodus
  2. Now Leviticus shows Christ through instructions for tabernacle
    1. Seen this through…
      1. Offerings, feasts, special days
        1. Rest, worship, sacrifice
      2. Priests
        1. Mediators
      3. Tithing
        1. Gratitude toward God for Promised Land

Now: various laws

    1. Remember: skipping around, NLT = find Christ / gospel
    2. Difficult to read (tedious)
      1. Perhaps tempted to skip
      2. Might not see relevance
      3. Some seem bizarre
    3. But all point to Christ in some way
      1. To see this I want to categorize by type:
        1. “Ceremonial” laws
          1. Religious rituals
          2. Priesthood, tabernacle, sacrifices, offerings
        2. Moral laws
          1. Lifestyle
          2. How to treat your neighbor
      2. However, categories only exist to see different ways they point to Christ
        1. As far as the Law is concerned, there is no division between moral and ceremonial. No writer (New or Old) divides them:

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The Lamb Takes The Scroll (Revelation 5)


  1. Revelation
  2. John’s vision (Son of Man)
  3. Letters to churches
  4. Throne room…
    1. Imagine a regular throne room
      1. King, guards, audience
      2. Imagine this magnificence
    2. One sat on throne
      1. Surrounded by beasts, elder, angels


Now continue…

  1. Don’t forget dual nature of Christ
    1. One on the throne (Godhead)
    2. One who takes the scroll
    3. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (Jn. 1:1)
  2. Note how this chapter emphasizes:
    1. His sovereignty as Lord
    2. The worship around the throne

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Tithing (Leviticus 27)


  1. Israelite history
    1. Best New Testament commentary is Old Testament
    2. Already covered Genesis and Exodus
  2. Leviticus = how to use tabernacle
    1. Looking for major theme / how points to Christ
      1. So skipping / paraphrasing
      2. Using NLT
    2. Covered so far:
      1. Offerings, feasts, special days
      2. Priests

Now tithing (how priests were supported):Read More »